Carter Road Yesterday


I spent about an hour-and-a-half birding Carter Road yesterday afternoon. I birded from the county line to 26 Mile Road and spent most of my time at the riparian area where Simmons Creek comes closest to the road. Highlights started just inside the county line where I saw a pair of Lark Sparrows, one of my favorite sparrow species. At the riparian area I had a male Cooper's Hawk that flew through and got the Western Kingbirds all riled up, an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, a Marsh Wren in a tiny little patch of reeds on the little creek that goes under the road and runs to the south, a Wilson's Warbler and at least three Lazuli Buntings, there could have been as many as five Lazulis, though, the resident male kept chasing birds off his territory and I can't be sure if he was just chasing the male from the neighboring territory or if he was chasing multiple males. I also had several Bullock's Orioles and a pair of LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCHES that appeared to be inspecting potential nest sights. Further east I saw a couple of Loggerhead Shrikes that were acting like a pair and .3 miles west of 26 Mile Road I found a small heron rookery. I counted four active nests and could partially see at least three others but could not tell whether they were active or not.

And, as always, happy birding, stay safe, stay sane and may the light be with you,
Ralph Baker, Riverbank