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Lodi, CA

Blackpoll Warbler (Setophaga striata) (1)
- Reported Sep 15, 2019 07:30 by Luke Tiller
- San Joaquin River NWR, Stanislaus, California
- Map:,-121.2012405&ll=37.6192081,-121.2012405
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Surprised to come across this warbler in willows on trail out to marshy area. Probably 1st winter female. Greenish above - streaked. Dark wings with two distinct white wing bars. Yellowish wash to upper breast with distinct but light steaks on sides of breast. Distinct supercilium contrasts to thin dark eye stripe. Bright white undertail. Distinct white spots in tail in flight. I’ll write more later on how I ruled other species out. Visiting from LA County but have extensive experience with this species on east coast. Seen for about two or three minutes at 8:15. 37.6169, -121.2110"


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