Dry Creek this afternoon


I took a walk along Dry Creek, from the Creekside Golf Course parking lot to N. McClure Road and back, today and encountered 16 Wood Ducks and a nice array of migrants and returning residents. I had one (possibly two) Western Wood-pewee, two Pacific-slope Flycatchers, a Red-breasted Nuthatch (in the same tree I saw one in a month ago), several House Wrens (on recent visits the most I've had is two), Ruby-crowned Kinglets, two Hermit Thrushes, an Orange-crowned, one Yellow, four Yellow-rumped and two Townsend's Warblers, five Lincoln's Sparrows, plus a few each White- and Golden-Crowned Sparrows, and an immature square peg Lazuli Bunting that I tried in vain to pound into a round Indigo Bunting hole.

Tomorrow morning Elaine Gorman, Daniel Gilman and I will be leading a Community Nature Walk along Dry Creek, starting from the parking lot at the south end of Coffee Road at 9:00. This walk is geared toward beginners and families and if free for all. It is scheduled to last two hours. We will be discussing all aspects of natural history, in addition to birds.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank