Merced NWR Pectoral Sandpiper Continues


After leading a Stanislaus Audubon field trip to San Joaquin River NWR this morning I headed down to Merced NWR to try for at least one of the Pectoral Sandpipers first found by Matt Davis on Oct 5 and subsequently seen by many others. It would be a county species for me so I was determined to find it. I drove the auto loop and found many shorebirds in the next to last check before the viewing platform at the SE corner, there were also a few shorebirds along the south edge of the check with the platform, but I did not see the Pec among them. As I approached the NE corner of the check with the platform I started to encounter more shorebirds and just as I thought I was going to run out of habitat I espied the PECTORAL SANDPIPER foraging on some exposed mud just north of the last eucalyptus north of the platform. I ran into a birding class from Santa Cruz just after finding the Pec and got a few of them on it so they could point it out to the others, I hope they all got to see it.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank