Modesto Common Nighthawk


I left work at 5:30 this afternoon and as I drove up Prescott Ave toward Standiford I saw what I at first took to be a small Cooper's Hawk flying east across Prescott at Sheldon Dr. Something about the flight did not look right for an Accipiter and as I watched the bird continue east I realized what was wrong. The bird had long, pointed wings, a slender profile, a long tail and a slow, bounding flight. The white bar on the wing was not close to the wing-tip as would be seen on a Lesser Nighthawk. I circled back and drove through the neighborhood in hopes of spotting the bird again but realized, since the bird was not foraging but flying more-or-less in a straight line when I saw it, that trying to find it again would probably be futile.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank