New arrivals at San Joaquin River NWR


This afternoon I went out to the refuge and spent a couple hours in the area of the willow where the Blackpoll Warbler had been seen last weekend hoping to get lucky. I did not, but I did see my first SANDHILL CRANES of the season, five in total. When I left the trail parking lot I drove up Pelican Road and spotted a few more CRANES, a SAY'S PHOEBE and two GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE. Also in that area, near the end of Center Road, I counted nearly TWO HUNDRED Wood Ducks! And I'm sure there were many back in the willows that I could not see. There were also an Osprey and four Eared Grebes and at one point the Osprey made a try for one of the grebes but missed and flew off to try for a meal somewhere else.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank