San Luis NWR today


I birded the San Luis NWR with Concetta Hurst and Chris MagaƱa today. I only found one of my three intended targets, missed Lazuli Bunting and Black Tern, but we had a GREAT day anyway, with very little rain early on. We finished the visit to the refuge with nearly 60 species. Highlights included a couple of female Wood Ducks, a pair of Blue-winged Teal, a mother Cinnamon Teal trailing 10 babies, at least one (but possibly as many as five) American Bittern(s) (we kept seeing them flying over but it may have just been the same bird moving around), a Lesser Nighthawk (seen well by me but unfortunately not by the others), a SWAINSON'S THRUSH (one of my targets for the day, a county bird) and several singing male Yellow Warblers.

After Chris headed home Concetta and I continued to the Souza Marsh Trail where we found a Western Wood-Pewee and heard 1-3 Pacific-slope Flycatchers. Then Concetta and I drove up Old Santa Fe Grade Road where we saw 3 more Pewees. And I got home and walked into the house JUST before the heavy rain started to fall. So, as birthdays go, it wasn't bad.

As always, happy birding, stay safe, stay SANE and may the light be with you,
Ralph Baker, Riverbank